You only live twice

And we might think that life is weak against the power of death. We might feel that life is just a small firework in the cold black darkness; that its light lasts only a brief moment, and nothing more than that. And if we really yield to this feeling, then death wins. That is the […]

Being faithful with a few small things

But for many of us, it is not necessarily clear what kind of talent we have. It’s not so easy to find it out. And also we don’t necessarily find ourselves in circumstances where we can use our talent or nourish it so that it will bring its fruit in the future. Some of you […]

Super hero, but not like Captain America

Jesus is not a super hero like Captain America or Superman. We might expect, even unconsciously, that a hero like Superman could appear and solve our problems instantly. But those super heroes like Captain America, Batman or the X-Men have a defect in common: it is that they have to count on violence to solve […]

“It is worth waiting for this!”

Christ was born to this earth about 2000 years ago. This is a one-time event in our history. He walked on this earth, taught his disciples and people, healed many sick people, proclaimed the Gospel and died on the cross for us. All of these events are a part of our history, and will never […]

Jesus judges us! … but how?

What Jesus judges is whether we are reconciled with God the Father or not. To clarify: If we have some wound in ourselves that has not been healed; some emptiness that we cannot fill; a feeling of guilt; regret or pain; then we are not in perfect reconciliation with God. It’s not same thing as […]

Grace in paradox

When I see the people seeking asylum here in Iceland, I have never heard someone say, “I want to become a rich man”. No, everybody says, “I just want to live an ordinary life”. And there is wisdom in this. On the other hand, those who live in a blessed situation always run the risk […]

Grace – love without being asked

In the handbook for us priests in the Icelandic church, we find this sentence in the section of Holy Baptism: “Guð og faðir Drottins vors Jesú Krists hefur elskað oss að fyrra bragði”, which means: “God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ has loved us without being asked” or “God has loved us from […]

Go up, let us go

We can be the same, and we should be the same. The missions that the Holy Spirit gives us are not limited to direct work in the church. Our missions in life can be various, even unique. We can choose the path of the nurse, engineer, baker, football player, chef, policeman, artist, singer, writer, etc. […]