I, my, me, mine

Toshiki Toma
Minister for immigrants in Iceland


Age 60, born in Tokyo, Japan  on 8th of November in 1958.
Office at the Breiðholts-kirkja/church in Reykjavík, Iceland
+354 779 7123,  toshiki@toma.is


Toshiki is originally from Japan. He earned BA in political science in 1983 in Tokyo. Was active member of  Japan Social Democrat Party althrough the student´s life. He was perticularly interested in the field of history of Japan, regarding influence of the Christianty onto the labour
movement and socialism.

After graduation he worked for an education instistute of the National Union in Japan.

Then he turned into theology (B.Theology 1988), finished advanced study for pastorhood (cresponding to MA). His thesis in the seminary was “Forming cannon – the short history of the New Tastement”.
Toshiki was ordained in Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church  in 1990 and was put in the Shibata-Lutheran church in Nagoya and served there as chief-minister until he resigned because of the family interest.

He was previously married with Icelander and moved to Iceland in 1992 and has two children with the ex-wife.
Now he is serving as minister of the National Church of Iceland for immigrants and their families since 1996.

Toshiki was active in Japanese teaching as mother tongue for children since 1996 to 2016, and also took time for assistance in Japanese course in the University of Iceland for 11 yaers(2003-2013).

Toshiki received “Samfélagsverðlaun Fréttablaðsins”(Social award of Fréttablað-paper) in 2006.

In 2007, he published his first poetry “Fimmta árstíðn” (The fifth season) in Icelandic.

Since 2015, Toshiki is mainly serving asylum seekers in Iceland that had increased much and rapidly in its number last years.