Self-contradiction, dilemma and prayer

And the biggest dilemma that we have to face every now and then is, without doubt, when we think that God doesn’t listen to our prayers. Our prayer is not heard, even though we have faith in God, trust in God. “I believe in God, but can I really trust God will answer me?” This dilemma is really critical in our life, and it is critical because of our faith. An atheist would not be bothered by this dilemma.

Even though we pray hard, misfortune might attack us. Even though we pray for children with difficult diseases, they can be taken away. Even though we pray much, wars and killing don’t disappear. Even though we pray hundreds of times, asylum seekers get their applications declined.

Why does this happen? Why won’t God try to listen to our prayers? If you have ever tried to bring something before God by praying hard, you must have experiences of this kind.

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